We are Dedicated to Enhance         Children's Abilities
Our Mission
 Our goal is to provide children of all background with fun-filled educational activities. In addition, we want to guide kids' imagination through a higher magical level. Prema for kids wishes for children to put their skills into practice and feel comfortable within themselves. 

We Offer
      Activities that are especially designed to meet each individual needs. We take into consideration different factors such as (age, abilities, developmental level, among others) in order to provide a safe play time experience. 

Our sessions include plenty of activities such as:
-sensory friendly play
-Relaxation and concentration exercises
-Yoga classes
-Arts and crafts
-Music and Dance
-Dramatic Play
Among others...
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The Benefits of our sessions include:
-Increasing Creativity
-Working on Imaginary skills
-Developing Organization and verbal skills
-Increasing relaxation through breathing techniques
-Developing (Gross motor, fine motor, self-care skills
-Teaching Safety/enviromental awareness/body awareness 
-Regulating sensory system 
-Increasing concentration, emotinal expression and attention

-Strengthing all muscle groups
-Working on Self-esteem
-Promoting social interaction skills through taking turns, waiting, and accepting winning or losing games
-Using problem solving skills